Sharon Montella

Hip Hop Ballerina Singer

Sharon Montella is a Boston based dancer, choreographer, singer, martial artist and yoga teacher.

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen" - Hebrews 11:1

Sharon’s group classes are guaranteed great fun and an awesome workout! 

Sharon is also available for master classes, workshops and private lessons in hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern, kung fu, tai chi and yoga

Hip Hop Open - Dance Complex Hip Hop

VOTED Boston's best hip hop class 2017 by The Improper Bostonian

No pre-registration required. Open to ALL LEVELS and ages, walk-in encouraged. Thorough break down of movements:    poppin’, lockin’, wavin’, krump, house, step, toprockin’, downrockin’ and more! Just show up ready to groove, learn, sweat, and HAVE FUN!

Where: Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

When: Monday nights, 7:30 to 8:30

Cost:  $13/class - Discounted 5 class and 10 class passes are available! For Info call 617-283-4596.

Video Courtesy of The Dance Complex

Videography by Bill Parsons and Erik Brown

Jazz Dance I

Where: PINE MANOR COLLEGE (, 617-731-7170 (registrar). 

When: Tues. and Thurs. 2:20-4 p.m. Fall 2017:  starts August 29, 2017 - Course Code DA225

 Learn jazz dance technique drawing from a variety of influences:  Giordano, Luigi and Horton techniques.  Combinations are high energy and rhythmical, with emphasis on proper technique and alignment to achieve freedom movement.  Drop in's with instructor permission only:  Call 617-283-4596

Self Defense and the moving art of kung fu

Where: PINE MANOR COLLEGE (, 617-731-7170 (registrar). 

When: Tues. and Thurs. 4:10-5:50 p.m. Fall 2017:  starts August 29, 2017 - Course Code DA124

Learn how to defend yourself in practical ways while getting a great workout and learning the art of Kung Fu.  This course helps you gain confidence, great body conditioning, self-defense techniques and acquaint you with the history of martial arts.  Drop in's with instructor permission only:  Call 617-283-4596

summer sizzle - Special workshop in kung fu and hip hop

Where: The Dance Complex, 617-547-9363.

When: Wednesday and Friday, Aug. 9 + 11, 2-4 p.m. Open to all ages and all levels; no experience necessary

Hip Hop/Kung Fu Workshop, a dynamic and exciting movement experience, will teach the students kung fu moves and work them into the context of hip hop routines to inspiring beats and tunes.  While the majority of class time will be spent on practical execution of the moves, there will also be discussion about the history, theory and practice of both styles.  Martial moves from a variety of genres formed an important piece of the fabric of hip-hop from its inception and Kung Fu is one of the most dance/like of these.    Exercises, drills and routines will draw parallels between the two styles in such a way as to be easily absorbed, thereby strengthening the technique of any hip hop dancer and deepening the awareness of rhythm and movement dynamics of any martial arts practitioner.  You do not need to have experience in either dance or martial arts to participate.  Class will be structured in such a way as to be engaging for the novice as well as the experienced mover.  A great physical workout will be had by all! Call The Dance Complex 617-547-9363 for more information.  You may reach Sharon directly at 617-283-4596.


Hip Hop @ UMass Boston

What:  Hip Hop Dance 181

Where: UMASS Boston, University Hall Dance Studio - Y04-4370

When: Hip Hop meets MWF 1:00p.m.-1:50p.m. 

Multicultural Dance @ UMass Boston

What:  Multicultural Dance 135

Where: UMASS Boston, University Hall Dance Studio - Y04-4370

When: Hip Hop meets MW 2-3:15 p.m. 

MULTICULTURAL DANCE focuses on the theory, practice and performance of American, Latin American and African American Dance Styles.  Styles we will cover in this course may include, but are not limited to Afro Jazz, African Dance, Haitian, Afro-Cuban, Jazz Swing, Salsa and Hip Hop.  We will become familiar with basic moves characterizing each style and practice combining these moves in challenging ways. Material learned in class will prepare us for an end-of-semester performance. You must register for this class through UMass Boston registrar or online registration


Where:  HARBORVIEW HEALTH AND FITNESS - 250 First Avenue, Charlestown

When:  Wednesday, 6-7p.m. - open level Vinyasa Flow with power emphasis.  Ongoing.

Drop In's $20 per Harborview Health Club.  Call for further information:  Harborview Fitness at 617-398-6549 or Sharon at 617-283-4596.

Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Where: Dana Park on Magazine Street in Cambridge

When: Summer 2016  - Family Tai Chi Fridays 10a.m. for Arts in the Park sponsored by the City of Cambridge for Amigos Community Afterschool Program.  Ends 8/5/16.  Watch for kung fu/tai chi scheduling starting January 2017.  

Sharon was the First Place Winner in the World Martial Arts Federation Karate/Kung Fu Tournament June 11, 2016 in the Advanced Kung Fu Weapons Forms Division.  At the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, Florida on July 1, 2017, she took the silver medal for Advanced Women's Division in Tai Chi and Bronze Medalfor Advanced Kung Fu Forms - empty hand.  Sharon has taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi at Pine Manor College, Amigos Cambridgeport Community Afterschool Program, Milton Academy Afterschool Program, Students of Color Conference 2016, privately and at Pai Lum summer camp to benefit students of Sifu Malcolm Lucas in his Northeast Dragons program. She is a 5th Degree Black Belt in White Dragon Fist Pai Lum Kung Fu.