Sharon Montella

Hip Hop Ballerina Singer

Sharon Montella is a Boston based dancer, choreographer, singer, martial artist and yoga teacher.

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen" — Hebrews 11:1

“By His stripes we are healed” — Isaiah 53:4-5

4.22.19 ‘She Buys Her Men’ by Josh Stanley. Choreo by Sharon Montella. Dancers: Sharon Montella with Megs Duane, Maria Nardell, Brandon Dailey


'Our Hip Hop Fantasy', choreographed by Sharon Montella:  Nothing is Promised by Rhianna, Headlines by Drake, Ain't My Fault by Zara Larson; Bounce Back by Big Sean for 'Jump Spin and Leap' at Pine Manor College 3.23.17

Dangerous Brood Dancers:  Harvey Abaya Christina Cerratto Sarah Donahue Megs Duane Julia Judge Maria Nardell Matt Pires Kyle Rundles Citra Tenore (Michael Alli 3.23.17)

4.23.18lBillie Jean by Michael JacksonlChoreog. by Sharon Montella

4.9.18lLost in You by Stephen Stripling from Christian HouselChoreog. by Sharon Montella

3.26.18lAin't Chasin' Grammys by SkriplChoreog. by Sharon Montella

3.19.18lHoldin' On by FlumelChoreography by Sharon Montella

2.5.18lGet Low by Lil JonlChoreography by Sharon Montella

1.29.18lMagnets by DisclosurelChoreography by Sharon Montella

12.18.17lCrown & Thorns by KBlChoreography by Sharon Montella

11.27.17lRhythm Nation by Janet JacksonlChoreography by Sharon Montella

11.20.17lDon't Tell 'Em by JeremihlChoreography by Sharon Montella

1.13.17lCrazy in Love by BeyoncelChoreography by Sharon Montella

11..6.17lThis is What I Like by Bruno MarslChoreography by Sharon Montella

10.2.17lI Wouldn't Know by Lecrae (feat. KB)lChoreog. by Sharon Montella


9.18.17lTrap by The Greatest Beats and Trap CitylChoreography by Sharon

9.11.17lMagnets by Disclosure feat. LordelChoreogrpahy by Sharon

8.7.17lOMG by Camila CarbellolChoreography by Sharon

Dancers:  Kyle, Megs, Harvey, Sarah, Maria, Lindsey, Ida and everybody!

7.31.17lUh-huh by Julia MichaelslChoreography by Sharon Montella

Dancers:  Sharon, Christina, Mary, Megs, Matt, David, Sasha, Grace, Sanjli, Sarah, Lindsey, Todd and everybody!


June 19th, 2017 // No Love by Fern // Choreography by Sharon Montella

Dancers:  Kyle, Maria, Matt, Maria, Sarah, Brianna, Kara, Citra, Sophia, Kristin, Sanjli, Glenn, Deb, Margaret, Moment, Stacy, Cathy and everybody!


June 12th, 2017 // Nuthin by Lecrae  // Choreography by Sharon Montella

Dancers:  Sharon, Matt, Maria, Sarah, Sanjli, Glenn, Deb, Margaret, Moment, Stacy, Cathy, Christina and everybody!


June 5th, 2017 // Lazarus by Tripp Lee feat. Thi'sl // Choreography by Sharon Montella

Dancers:  Sharon, Mary, Stacy, Maria, Sarah, Claire, Sanjli, Glenn, Patrick, Briony, Moment et al!


May 22nd, 2017 // I'm Blessed by Charlie Wilson // Choreography by Sharon Montella

Dancers: Group I:  Harvey, Staci, Kyle, Indu, Deb, Rachel...

Group II:  Sharon, Megs, Maria, Matt, Citra, Sarah, Katherina, Chris, Patrick, Margaret, Sophia.


February 27, 2017 // Bounce Back by Big Sean // Choreography by Sharon

Dancers: Megs Maria Christina Michael Sarah Kyle Harvey


December 19th, 2016 | Nothing is Promised by | Choreography Sharon Montella

Dancers:  Christina, Harvey, Kyle, Maria, Ida, Margaret, Deb


November 7th, 2016 | I Like That by Richard Vission | Choreography by Sharon Montella

Dancers:  Liza, Stephanie, Matt, Kyle, Sanjli, Kara, Julia, Katherine, Sarah

Uploaded by Sharon Hiphopballerina on 2016-11-26.

May 23rd, 2016  |  Hot Tottie by Usher |  Choreographed by Sharon